BonfireYou already are and have everything you will ever want or need in this life, (but DESIRE all you can). Let’s explain the difference between NEED, WANT & DESIRE.

NEED is something you will never have. It is a possession you can never possess. It’s a state of perpetual lack because it’s a black hole chasm of emptiness that will never be filled.

NEED is the element you will always have and never have enough of. So, as far as you’re concerned, it’s worthless to pursue anything you NEED. As long as you need, you won’t have.

WANT is a passing attraction. It is this car or that stereo, this girl, that address – a constant ebb and flow of possessions and feelings that you could really live without, but know it would be nice to have around.

A WANT is always temporary. Like NEED, you’ll never be without WANT. As much as you try to fill either of them with meaningless, tail-chasing endeavors that take you to an empty box in an forgotten closet, WANT, like NEED, is the second, ugly stepsister to the DESIRE of Cinderella.

WANT is what you needed and no longer care about. To WANT things is only one step up from the bottom feeders of the food chain of NEED. In life, you rarely get what you want, or want what you get.

DESIRE is the crown jewel, the only real jewel amidst the costume crap that rings pretension or impulse.

DESIRE is something you can taste, feel, or see, when no one else can; it sends palpitations through your heart, it stirs emotions in the brain and ingenuity in attaining it.

DESIRE is wanting or needing something passionately. It’s worth dying for. You’ll know desire when you go after something with every thought and action of each day. It pushes you to seek places you’d never imagined, do what you’d never do, be someone so passionately enthralled in the pursuit of that one thing, that to others, your obsession seems ridiculous; yet to you, it’s the pinnacle of your world.

DESIRE is seldom present, but when it arrives, it’s exquisitely evident and impossible to ignore. It roars for attention and is not sated until it’s accomplished or fulfilled. Its reward is uplifting; often the culmination of time, thought, investment, risk and sometimes, outright foolishness.

DESIRE comes, then keeps on coming. It takes prisoners. It coerces, convinces and calls forth forces often reluctant to give in. DESIRE is the good thing, and the only thing in the WANT/NEED/DESIRE triad worth having.


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