Happy Fathers Day to All Lucky Dads


There’s good reason to criticize or condemn “deadbeat dads” or “absent fathers.” They’ve left a hole in humanity that bleeds both great and terrible humans as a result. An abusive father leaves an even deeper wound. They are examples of what not to follow, but on this day, to pray for; because we need no more of them.

There are fathers who are heroes and legends, who’ve led exemplary lives that inspired and fired up children who needed someone to look up to, to emulate, to follow and believe. We all know someone who fits this ideal.

Then there are fathers, “Dads,” like yours and mine, like you and me, who deserve awards, accolades and riches as much as any other man; but were happy as men being men, doing their “jobs”, taking care of their families, patching the leaks and leading by the example of those of us who know how to fix things, make things, create with our hands and minds and imaginations; men who found joy in watching game after losing game, going to rainy practices, putting toys together at midnight on Christmas Eve, or being “official -quarterback, pitcher, catcher, goalie, etc. for all the neighborhood kids whose Dad’s didn’t give a damn. Those are the dads of the majority.

Men who taught and led and loved as good as they knew how, giving everything they had in time, attention and resources so their kids wouldn’t be without. Those are the dads to applaud and acknowledge on this day of recognition; the regular dad, the everyday dad, the dad who IS a father, not “playing” father; but being a part of all their children’s lives, day in and day out, good and bad, iron hand and soft heart; those dads that know that being one is an honor and a privilege like no other. You dads are the great ones.

I know my 3 sons are my greatest success, treasure, accomplishment and friendships. I know they stand behind me and “have my back.” They trust I’ll straighten them out and I trust they do the same for me. And I know I’m one lucky guy to have such a great love in this life, such strong bonds, such a wealth of memories, such deep seeds that will proliferate long after I’m gone. When they surpass the greatest things you’ve done, you know you’ve done well.

If you’re not the best dad, there’s still time to be a better one. If you’re absent, connect. And if you’re right where you need to be in heart and mind, be grateful, because you’re leaving a legacy that’s probably THE most import component for any time in history; the fact that being a good father means more to any child than ice cream, video games, toys, cars or phones. Give them attention, direction, smiles, hugs and love. Nothing will leave a greater impact. Theres’ nothing more they need to carry into life.

Hug your kid daily Dads, they give you the privilege; and kids, hug your old man, every day that you can, because he gave you the future.



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