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I have had many lives as a filmmaker, teacher, trainer, videographer, and writer; that have allowed me to experience many people, places, careers and wonders enough to fill my fiction for more stories than I’ll have time to tell. I waited a long time to honor that Writer, and therefore ended up doing many other jobs and careers that kept me from what I knew was my first love. I waited until it was all I had left to do.

Do you know anyone who has held off doing what they wanted in order to pay the bills, make a living, support a family?

But I’ve always been a family man, with 3 sons and one wife, and occasional dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, turtles, chameleons, and enough other critters to make Ellie May proud. We even had a chicken named Cecil.

I am not trying to impress or flatter you or myself here. I’m being real and raw and if you’re looking for background to see if I fit in your company or what my work ethic and record may be, don’t look here. This is about me. This is about what I like and what I do, where I’ve been and what I’ve learned. A strong current of love runs through me toward many things, many people, many experiences; and I only hope to shed a little light on what I’m about.

My values are as follows; family first, friends second, career somewhere down the line, with health, fitness, sports and fun mixed in.  I’m pointing this out so that if you are looking for any one thing in my oeuvre, keep looking, and you’ll find something of interest, something in common, something that catches your attention enough to look further into what I have to offer. Because that’s another value high on my list, giving.

This site is my reflection of what I observe on the other side of my eyes. I love movies, books, music, beauty, dreams, fitness, and the critical focus to frame the interesting part of what may at first appear boring. My heroes are Henry Miller, Peter Townshend, Quentin Tarantino, Carl Jung and Einstein. I read the classics right next to children’s books. I’ll have Aurelius open next to Seuss, Sexus next to Esquire. Life fascinates me. The questions are often more important than the answers.

This site is a stepping off point, a kick out of my nest to the other things I’ve put out in this world. You may see my poetry, my thoughts on someone I’d witnessed earlier in the day, or the way I presently feel. I’m being real. There will be no pretense. You will see wisdom as well as shame. But with all this fake reality we’ve been forced to choke down in the name of entertainment, I’ll try to uncover what’s behind the curtain, call you out, expose one or both of us in the name of Truth; because that’s what writing looks for, right? Truth!

I promise not to patronize, preach or pander. I’ve got other sites for that. All I’m looking for is a space in this virtual reality called life, to make connections, to resonate with something you may have seen, felt or thought. I know I’m not alone in that.

That picture is one of my favorites, but like I said, it tells a deeper story. I was happy and proud, on top of the world on that pony. But really, it was summer. I wanted to play. I didn’t want to dress up in a cowboy costume, mostly because I’ve always felt more like an Indian. I wanted to be shirtless, to carry a bow and a hatchet with a headdress of colored feathers while I rode bareback. I wanted to be where my imagination was. The horse’s feet are tethered. He doesn’t share my joy because I’m just another one of 60 kids on his rounds that day, pretending. I wanted to play for real. Here’s my chance. Welcome.

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  1. February 4, 2015 at 7:56 PM

    Looking forward to it!

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